We believe in:

Empowering leadership

Good Leadership is the power that brings out the best in a team. We help team leaders increase their effectiveness and release their team’s potential through deepening their understanding of their own style and the talents of their team members.

The intrinsic value of each individual

Everyone has something valuable to offer. We believe in helping teams discover the unique gifts their members have and raising the level of their knowledge and appreciation of each other so they are free to offer their best to the team.

We value:


We aim to communicate clearly, listen intelligently and be transparent in our behaviour and processes. We believe in keeping communication channels open and being accessible to everyone who participates in a Triquester Team event.  We value feedback.


We aim to win trust through our integrity, honesty and confidentiality.


We aim to make our services excellent in every way seeking professional best practice and tailoring every event to best serve your team’s needs.

Giving back

We are committed to giving 10% of our profits away and we do a minimum of 10% of our team events pro bono.

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