Virtual Experiential Training Sessions

Triquester Teams are running virtual experiential training sessions jointly with Azesta

Do your teams or managers need a bit of a boost?

Triquester Teams is running special virtual experiential training sessions jointly with Azesta.

Check out the options below and contact Barbara for more information or to book a session.

Virtual Experiential Team Development Boost

These three different 90-minute sessions are for teams of up to 12 people and will give your team a boost, help them improve their communication skills and bring them together. Each session includes a virtual experiential problem-solving exercise, expert facilitation, review, breakout rooms, virtual whiteboards and polls.

Leading Great Virtual Meetings

A 90-minute interactive session for up to 12 people to help them learn new skills and consider top tips for leading really effective virtual meetings. It includes discussion, practice, theory and the development of their own personal meeting planner.

Leading Great Virtual Teams

A 90-minute interactive session looking at three key areas of team development and how to maximise them in the virtual environment. It includes theory, discussion, a quiz and the development of an action plan to put learning into practice with your team.

We learn about your team or managers and their needs before the session so that we can better tailor sessions to you. Sessions are highly participatory and engaging.

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Our Coaching Service

Triquester teams offers a comprehensive coaching service for leaders and managers

One of the greatest gifts you can give someone is to help them unearth and release their true potential. That’s why we founded Triquester Teams and that’s why its founder, Barbara Macnish, is passionate about helping others discover their strengths and perform at their best.

“You cannot be anything you want to be but you can be a lot more of who you already are.” 
Tom Rath

Our coaching sessions are for anyone and can be run in both professional and personal contexts. We work with leaders, managers and individuals who are facing seasons of change, or who simply need a new focus to help them redirect their energies. Coaching can also help you work out a better way to juggle your priorities, increase self-awareness, build your confidence and give you valuable insights that can boost your productivity and motivation levels.

We often recommend using the CliftonStrengths™ assessment – a simple online questionnaire that you complete prior to your session. Barbara will work with you to identify and develop your strengths, and use these to create a bespoke action plan that best suits your needs.

Coaching sessions are tailored to each individual’s situation.

If you book a bespoke one-off session or multi-session series with Barbara, you can choose to explore together whatever area you most need to focus on. For example, you might choose to:

  • Explore your leadership style;
  • Identify your strengths and how to maximise them;
  • Discover what brings you alive and motivates you;
  • Apply self-knowledge to the changes and decisions you want to make; and/or
  • Discuss any specific challenges you are facing.

Alternatively you can choose to follow a bespoke five-step program to develop a personal purpose statement. The sessions cover:

  1. CliftonStrengths I – discover and understand your innate strengths.
  2. CliftonStrengths 2 – unpack more of how your strengths work together and how they “land” in the world you live in.
  3. Values – discover and refine what your personal values are and how they drive your decisions and actions.
  4. Finding your “Meros” – unpack your thinking about mission/passions/skills and begin to craft some phrases around purpose.
  5. Bring it all together – choose an image that “speaks,” recap strengths and values, and finalise the purpose statement.

Contact Barbara to discuss your coaching requirements – she’d love to work with you. Coaching sessions are usually run via video-conferencing so you can participate in the comfort of your own home or office.

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