How healthy is your team?
How fulfilling is your role as a leader?
What do you need right now in order to thrive?

Powerful questions lead to transformation and unlock wisdom.

Triquester Teams comes alongside leaders and teams to release their potential and overcome challenges. We offer one to one coaching, group facilitation and team building workshops. Individually tailored to your needs and designed in consultation with you.

Coaching is a future focused conversation based in the here and now. You'll discover fresh insights, gain new perspectives and finish equipped to make quality decisions. Taking the time to deepen self-understanding will give you a greater sense of purpose and enable you to build on your strengths and lead other people more effectively. It produces life in you and in all those around you.

Our team building and group coaching workshops will help your team build trust, develop relationships and make better decisions, releasing your collective intelligence and creativity. Strengthening the team in the areas of vision, talent, and agreed ways of working creates an engaged unit that works with skill, commitment and efficiency.